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Acting in superior religion, Ruppert (or any otehr man or woman equally the concentrate on of agents of influence) reviews what he finds out. Progressively, he can take his readers more and more outside of the box.

"This is the best weakness in the Peaker place—they refuse to admit the technological feasibility of converting the rapacious hydrocarbon financial state to an agriculturally dependent carbohydrate economy"

 Luposapien claimed... Just a couple factors just before I go back to lurker standing yet again (going through a type of phases where by I've hassle obtaining my own BS):

 Nameless said... "I had been a semi typical listener for the Alex Jones shortwave radio clearly show on Genesis Broadcasting station ahead of the 2000 presidential elections."

Why do you go positively psychological--and detrimental on material attributable hyperlinks--with problems with genuine physical evidence of thermate (FEMA even discovered the sulfurated steel) and micronukes (Christopher Bollyn, fired from the American Free of charge Push situation for his investigative and challenging hitting stories on demolitions of WTC by using some thing leaving nuclear -model seismographic documents)? It truly is over and above me.

To illustrate also that he's made privy into a welter of imformation from a supply that he trusts - whose bond fides will not be open up to query.

 Da Weaz reported... Nicely, I'm able to Actually say that I am not up on the many minor petty gossiping that goes on throughout the 9/11 Reality movement, like who pissed who off and et cetera, nor do I want to be.

we provide the contemplate the 'point out of emergency' and what happens in the event the polar caps begin to drastically soften absent since the temperature rises...what should be finished? what Severe measures is going to be taken to keep up 'control' and that is 'for our protection'?

Maybe Ruppert can ultimately get his bearings and maybe slightly better standpoint from your the colder and clearer local weather there.

Tesla -- Tom Bearden Interview on Tesla (Bearden of course diagrees with a lot of to the "electricity within the ionosphere" assumptions of numerous about Tesla (which you'll listen to recurring advertisement infinitum as a result of The majority that site of these films) and for what its worth I do think he's appropriate. Tesla's electricity was from zero position and had to do with large frequency excitation of Room 'ripping' open up zero level Power "through the vacuum" as is it identified as, rather than somehow getting drawn within the ionosphere.

seriously operate the earth since the damned commies who Regulate lots of governments throughout the world have naturalized each of the businesses' oil? And, these identical preyed-upon corporations have normally been earlier mentioned-board and forthcoming inside their dealings with us? Definitely?! (

How to overcome the institutionalization of your countrywide protection farce? the pentagon is requesting a report $100 billion (at the least) for Iraq and who appreciates what else in the most recent grab-bag. much more supplemental appropriations along with a even now-compliant Congress:

Anyone make sure you, I'm all ears -- provide me with anything approaching proof that Ruppert is a govt shill. And do not say It truly is his intelligence connections .

Investigative journalism, and maintaining your shopper-base joyful and considering they're receiving their funds's worth, will see here not be concomitant In any case. Such traces of inquiry are Most likely best pursued open up supply.

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